Welcome to University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix is joining forces with Google to provide enhanced learning tools for our students and faculty. The addition of Google Mail will assist you in your coursework, as well as contribute to the successful completion of your degree.

All student and faculty email addresses will move from the current email platform to Google Mail . Once this move occurs, your current email account will stop accepting new messages but your old messages will remain available for a period of 6 months. You will also have the ability to forward those old messages individually to your new Google Mail account during that period. Your University of Phoenix email address will remain the same during and after this transition.


Google Mail offers many benefits:

  • Available anywhere the Internet is - Google Mail is web based, which means it is accessible from any computer connected to the Internet
  • Google Powered! Google Mail leverages Google's powerful search technology to search your account for specific emails. This limits the need to set up numerous folders to organize messages.
  • Generous Mailbox storage limits - With over 2 GB of mail storage, you will not have to worry about those "Mailbox over size limit" warnings.
  • Tools – Managing messages is much easier using the Google Mail email management tools. Instead of manually creating various folders to manage mail, Google Mail uses "labels" to organize messages in a more intuitive manner. In addition, Google Mail organizes messages by context, chronologically.
  • Back up – Saving email just got a lot easier. Google Mail provides enough storage to accommodate all of your email and it is all backed up so it can't be lost.
  • SPAM be Gone! – Google provides the ability to report SPAM easily, which results in immediate and permanent blockage of the offending Spammer.
  • No annoying web advertising! - University of Phoenix students and faculty users will not have to deal with annoying advertising.
  • Multi language support – Google Mail supports 40 different languages!
  • Communication of important information from the University to Students and Faculty – Google Mail offers a reliable communication channel to update students regarding University policies, holiday schedules, new program offerings and other important information that is not classroom specific.
  • Other Web Tools - In addition to reliable and easy to use email, you will have access to the complete set of tools included in the Google Apps suite of products including contacts, calendars, instant messaging, personal web pages, document creation and many others. In the future, we will be discussing ways these tools can be used to enhance your learning experience

To learn the details about how the move to Google Mail will affect your learning experience please review the Google Mail FAQs article in our Customer Support Knowledge Base. To learn more about the features of Google Mail and other Google benefits please review the Getting Started with Google Mail and the University of Phoenix article. To review the entire list of Google Mail related FAQs and articles please visit the Customer Support Knowledge Base and search using the keyword 'Gmail' or click here.