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Library Landing Page
The library landing page presents two new additions, the learning team toolkit and the useful links sections to give you quick access to information.

University Library
Now the University Library search results opens in a new window and we added a useful links section.

The useful links section has been added to the ebook collection page to make it easier to navigate to popular content. The ebook collection is available for students and faculty of University of Phoenix.

Center for Writing Excellence
We have added the useful links section to the Center for Writing Excellence.



We made several small enhancements including a link to launch discussion in a new window, assignments/feedback forum header, and the useful links section.

Discussion Messages
We have improved the confirmation messages for your postings and added a person icon to all your messages in the thread view.

Attaching Document
We have introduced a single click attachment to attach your documents to a message in discussion.

We have made it easier for you to open gradebook in a new window with the addition of the 'launch in a new window' link.


Account Landing Page
We reorganized the account landing page to make it easier and faster to find what you're looking for



Program Landing Page
We have reorganized this page and added 3 new panels: workshops, program contacts, and partner offers.

Commencement Homepage
This page has newly added sections on the right to give you commencement schedule, registration, and regalia (cap & gown) ordering information.

Commencement: Registration
We have added some helpful information about registration ineligibility.

National Testing Programs
Now you have more information about the national testing programs.

Schedule and Grades
This page has been enhanced to provide you with better information about your program including the program overview, course schedule, links to publication and program contacts.



Faculty Landing Page
The faculty tab has been rearranged to provide fast access to the information you need. We have included the new faculty personal website, workshops, and about University of Phoenix sections.

Approved Courses
We changed this section to include helpful FAQs and improved the way you view materials for your approved courses.

Content Area Request (CAR) Submission
The CAR submission page has been enhanced to include a link back to the CAR main page.